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You already know what you need.  Content.  And lots of it.  But not duplicate content that Search Engines bury on page 200.  You need fresh, original, unique content that will bring floods of visitors to your website, make your articles go viral, or have people clamouring to opt-in to your list for your special report.

Hi, this is George Halt.

I have been right where you are...hungry for visitors, but completely cramped with Writer's Block. I know how intimidating it is to sit in front of a blank screen, the flashing cursor mocking you.  I know the drudgery of trying to knock out article after article, sometimes on topics that I'm not even interested in.

Creating Unique Content Seems To Take FOREVER

I would set goals of writing 10 articles a day...which turned into 10 articles in a week.  I would let some of my blogs get stale because I just couldn't imagine what to possibly write about.  

Who knew that Internet Marketing would actually require work?!

Everyone seems to make it so easy.  "Create a 20-page blog and write 30 articles to spin and you'll be sitting in piles of traffic and money!"  Sounds great...where do I start?


What if you had an easy way to write tons of content quickly,
specific to your niche,
AND loaded with great keywords?

Do you know the top sources for writers to use? Do you know the one essential skill to super-fast writing?  (Hint: you have the skill, you just aren't using it.)

Everyone knows that good, quality, original content is incredibly useful.  From blogs that you monetize, to articles you want to spread like wildfire (for backlinking), and for reports to build an opt-in list, once you create and own that content, there are tons of ways to make money with it.  (Or, you could simply sell Private Label Rights articles!)


"Uniquification" Gives You The Tools For Fast, Easy, Original Content-Generation

  • Create content so good that visitors spread the word about your site for you

  • Write articles in HALF THE TIME it takes you now by using a "super secret source"

  • Learn to let experts do the work for you...for free! 

  • No more wasting time doing keyword research...the content you write will automatically be keyword-laden.

  • Time-saving tools that make article-writing a "no-brainer"!

  • Crush Writer's Block so you are never stuck again!

  • And much much more!


Warrior Forum Comments...

When some hardcore Internet Marketers got a peek at "Uniquification", here's what they had to say:

"Plenty of ideas to keep a newbie going a long time"... jsanderz

" concepts that can be implemented right away with a little bit of work"... JohnPal

"This is an amazing report! It just goes to show that you don't have to pad out a 50+ page ebook to provide great value! I'm sure that anyone who understands what's available in the iMacros alone would pay good money to get their hands on this."... jlandells

"Excellent...especially when you have writers block!"... Bruce Eades

"I would easily have paid $37, $57, or even more... I learned a ton from it. I would easily have paid $37, #57, or even more for the information and marcors that are here already."... jessewrites

"...made my job easier... Thanks for sharing this excellent information! It has definitely made my job easier when it comes to finding and writing unique content. Even though I use several of the approaches you outlined, there were quite a few more I never considered utilizing for the purpose of generating content to use on my blog."... ijohnson

"...really helpful ideas...I do alot of content writing and you have some really helpful ideas to get someone going on unique content."... Roxanne McHenry

"...many useful resources and no fluff...Well done, with many useful resources and no fluff. I wish more were like this..."... JohnMcCabe


Download "Uniquification" NOW, and Start Creating Content In MINUTES

Find out what you've been missing.  Content creation should not be as hard as you think it is.  It's not your're not stupid or lazy.  You just need the right tools to help you along.

You will receive:
  • the Uniquification Report, packed full of ideas with no "fluff"
  • dozens of resources that help you crush Writer's Block NOW!
  • macros for your Web Browser that pull content for you
  • access to the Private Members-Only site, with special examples for you to see exactly how this works
  • the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" backing to remove any risk from you

100% money-back guarantee, with no questions asked, for 60 days.

No hassle.  I'm confident that if content-creation is part of your business, you will benefit from this program.

I want happy customers who refer other customers.  So you have NO RISK!


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